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decreased bone mineral density

Synonym: osteopenia, decreased bone density, decreased BMD, reduced BMD, reduced bone mineral density, reduced bone density

Definition: reduction in the quatitative measurment value of mineral content of bone; BMD is used as an indicator of bone strength used as a measure of structural strength and screen for osteoporosis; bone mineral density is the ratio of bone mineral content to bone size

abnormal bone marrow cavity morphology

Synonym: abnormal bone medullary cavity morphology, abnormal bone marrow cavities

Definition: any structural anomaly of the medullary cavities of the bones

cleft palate

Synonym: palatoschisis

Definition: congenital fissure of the tissues normally uniting to form the palate

abnormal tooth development

Synonym: abnormal odontosis, abnormal tooth morphogenesis, abnormal odontogenesis, abnormal odontogeny, tooth development abnormalities

Definition: any anomaly in the formation of the teeth

abnormal tooth eruption

Synonym: tooth eruption abnormalities

Definition: any anomaly in the developmental process in which a tooth moves in an axial and occlusal direction from its developmental position within the alveolar crypt in the jaw to its final functional position in the occlusal plane


Synonym: malalignment of upper and lower dental arches, bad bite, dental malocclusion, malocclusion of teeth, misalignment of upper and lower dental arches

Definition: perturbations in the normal patterned arrangement of the teeth or alignment of the jaw, resulting in the incorrect position of biting or chewing surfaces of the upper and lower teeth

absent incisors

Synonym: absence of incisors

Definition: absence of the pairs of long teeth that are the most anterior and prominent in the jaw

abnormal trabecular bone morphology

Synonym: abnormal substantia trabecularis morphology, abnormal spongy substance morphology, abnormal spongy spongiosa morphology, abnormal cancellous bone morphology, abnormal spongy bone morphology

Definition: any structural anomaly of bone that has a lattice-like or spongy structure; it is highly vascular and contains intercommunicating spaces filled with bone marrow

abnormal compact bone thickness

Synonym: abnormal cortical bone thickness

Definition: reduced or increased width of the superficial layer of compact bone

decreased compact bone thickness

Synonym: reduced compact bone thickness, reduced cortical bone thickness, decreased cortical bone thickness, thin cortical bone, thin compact bone

Definition: thinner than normal superficial layer of compact bone

Showing 11 to 20 of 2061 entries

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