Phenotype: abnormal ear position

anomaly in the space between or the placement of the outer ears
abnormal position of pinna,  abnormal pinnae position,  abnormal pinna position,  abnormal ear distance/ position
of tested genes
significant genes
tested genes

IMPC Gene variants with abnormal ear position

Total number of significant genotype-phenotype associations: 1

Gene / Allele Zygosity Sex Life Stage Phenotype Procedure | Parameter Phenotyping Center | Source P Value
HOM Early adult abnormal ear position Combined SHIRPA and Dysmorphology | Pinna position WTSI | IMPC 8.15×10-06

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 The way we measure

 Phenotype associations stats

0.07% of tested genes with null mutations on a B6N genetic background have a phenotype association to abnormal ear position (1/1371)

0.00% females (0/1354) 0.07% males (1/1365)

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